Why Glazed Fire Doors Are A Must-Have For Commercial Buildings

Why Glazed Fire Doors Are A Must-Have For Commercial Buildings

Glazed fire doors in commercial buildings operate as integral elements of the fire safety system. They allow visual access while maximizing protection in the event of a fire, thus offering a perfect coalescence of aesthetics and safety.

Fire doors are the key components of a fire-resistant barrier. They help contain and restrict the spread of fire. In addition, fire doors prevent the spread of toxic gases and fumes and provide an escape route in the event of a fire. Glazed fire doors are typically used in commercial and industrial applications. In commercial buildings, these are used to protect stairwells, elevator shafts, and other areas where people may get trapped during a fire. Furthermore, these doors create a barrier between the fire and the rest of the building. Fire doors are usually made of metal or wood and are fitted with a glass panel. The design of the fire doors must comply with the fire code requirements and must be tested to determine the necessary performance of a specific door assembly.

Fire doors come in various styles and designs, so there’s a type of door to suit every need. Opting for glazed fire doors in commercial buildings provides an unobstructed and natural exit route for occupants while ensuring that the fire does not spread to other parts of the building. Glazed fire doors ensure that the aesthetics of a commercial building is not compromised and that firefighters have a clear line of sight of the fire. To meet the architectural demands of a commercial building, glazed fire doors are specified with a wide range of glazing options such as clear, wired, decorative, frosted, or patterned. The latest technology is used to manufacture high-performance glass, with glazed fire doors being able to withstand temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Celsius. Access to natural light and good visibility can also help occupants to evacuate safely from a building.

Installing fire-rated glazed doors in commercial spaces also provides extra security against hooliganism and violent crime. In a nutshell, these are great demonstrations of how effectively fire doors could be used to protect against the double threat of crime and fire. Glazed fire doors also perform as acoustic barriers in commercial buildings. The glazing element in the fire door ensures that the impact sound rating increases, indicating the reduced transmission of noise between adjoining areas. That further reduces the overall costs of the building’s sound insulation. Hence, installing glazed fire doors is one of the best choices to achieve better acoustic performance and comfort within commercial buildings.

Glazed fire doors in commercial buildings impact the way commercial enterprises manage the safety of their employees and customers. Envisaging the potential havoc that could be caused by unsecured doors, the importance of installing a fire-rated glazed door becomes even more apparent. When it comes to providing comprehensive protection from fire, Navair has the expertise and experience to design and install high-quality glazed fire doors. Navair’s steel-glazed fire doors are manufactured to the highest standard, with bespoke options for glass panels, door frames, and finishes. The safety and performance of commercial buildings are guarded by a range of certified door sets. With an in-depth knowledge of the regulations, Navair’s glazed door specialists can provide comprehensive advice on the best products for your needs.

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