Manufacturing Facility

Active and passive fire protection systems are required in modern buildings and commercial homes, as required by various local governments. Passive fire protection aims to keep the building temperature low to allow people to escape and minimize damage to life and property. In India, NAVAIR is a leader in the production of passive fire protection systems.

Looking for security gates to insulate your home or property? Look no further, because NAVAIR produces IFC certified fire doors, flush doors and room partitions. There are various types of fire doors, including wooden fire doors, steel fire doors, and glass fire doors. These fire doors are self-closing and also have positive locking. NAVAIR has subjected its fire doors to a rigorous testing system that includes temperature rise tests, fire resistance tests, smoke and tensile tests. Rest assured that when you buy from NAVAIR, you are getting the best quality fire doors. A fire curtain is made of a fire resistant fabric that is lowered when a fire or smoke alarm is activated. Fire curtains are especially useful in areas where fire doors cannot be used, such as an open plan office and living room. Depending on the type of room and your needs, you can choose between automated fire curtains or anti-gravity fire curtains. Commercial or home production of fire curtains can easily be found with NAVAIR. They guarantee you will have a satisfying experience with them and they also provide the installation of fire curtains!