Choosing the Right Fire Door

Choosing the Right Fire Door

The force and speed at which a fire outbreak can spread inside a structure must not be underestimated. Fires are extremely hard to control, especially if not noticed at inception. This is the main reason why it’s so critical to choose the right equipment that protects you from fires.  It is also important to ensure the quality of materials that will secure the tenants in such a crisis.

The first and foremost fireproof door that comes to one’s mind is the wooden fire door. It is a common misconception that fire doors made of wood can only withstand fires for up to 60 minutes. However, the doors manufactured by NAVAIR can withstand fires for up to 120 minutes (depending on the type of fire door you choose). Made of strong wood like teak wood and with a thickness of 52 millimetres, the wooden fire doors manufactured by NAVAIR can withstand fires up to 120 minutes. It is also essential that the wooden fire doors installed in a building are sourced from the same company in order to ensure consistency. Lastly, these fireproof doors must be smooth and crack-free to be effective. Wooden fire doors are best suited for commercial locations with a relatively small capacity like a mid-scale restaurant.

The second most common fireproof door type is made of steel. Whenever there is a fire safety need for more than an hour, this is the most suitable fire door. Now, we know that wooden fire doors protect for up to 120 minutes, but that should come second when compared to a fire-rated steel door. The minimum thickness for a fire-rated steel door needs to be 44 millimetres. NAVAIR manufactures steel doors that are 49 millimetres thick as these doors expand where there is a fire and seal all the gaps. Like all other fire doors, it is absolutely crucial that a building uses the same doors throughout. As this door can withstand fire for a longer duration, it can be used for high capacity areas that need more time for evacuation. NAVAIR, the fire door manufacturers in India also ensure to use fire retardant paints that delays the expansion of fire while reducing the flammability and combustion of the material.

The last fireproof door that we will be talking about is the acoustic fire door. This door serves a dual purpose – protecting people in the room from fire and sealing the area to maximize the acoustical regime. Gaps here need to be secured and minimized to ensure that the sound is untransferable. There is usually a gap on all sides of the door for movement requirements; therefore, a drop-down seal is given at the bottom of the shutter. A perimeter seal is also provided in the perimeter of the frame to minimize the hinge gap. Some extra seals can work wonders to enhance higher decibel properties. These fire doors are best suited for spaces with multifaceted functions such as multiplexes and auditoriums.

The importance of a good and sturdy fire door cannot be overestimated. To put it simply, these doors save lives by holding fires and providing means of escape. Fire doors are an absolute must in today’s day and age. Taking all necessary precautions can make a difference and save lives. Now, with the help of regular checks to ensure that the standards are met and by investing in quality fire door manufacturers in India, such as NAVAIR, the hazardous fire risks can be minimized.

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