The Various Types Of Fire Rated Doors And Their Properties

The Various Types Of Fire Rated Doors And Their Properties

To prevent the spread of fire from one region to another, buildings are divided into different zones. To facilitate traffic circulation across the structure, these zones are typically connected by fire doors. In the event of a fire, fire doors serve two vital purposes: they create a barrier that prevents the spread of fire while they are closed and, when opened, enable a route of escape. The spread of fire and smoke can be slowed down with a well-designed fire door while minimising obstacles to the mobility of people and products.

Depending on where it is located in a building and the fire risks connected with that building, every fire door must function as a barrier to some extent against the passage of smoke and fire. Therefore based on the materials used, the various types of fire proof doors are built to withstand 30 to 120 minutes of fire protection.
Navair, a leading manufacturer of various fire safety equipment, shares its expertise on the most prominent fire-rated doors.

Types of fire-rated doors manufactured by Navair include.

Wooden Fire Rated Door

Wood fire-rated doors are made of Hardwood Mirandi/Teakwood with a nominal section of 120mm and 70mm. The shutter sizes range from 52mm to 76mm. A hardwood interior timber structure is placed with a calcium silicate board to make the door fire resistant. Furthermore, the frame and shutter are both intumescent sealed to avoid any gaps. The wool insulation infill is treated with VIPER FRS 881 LH for the shutter infill insulation. We also install commercial ply, commercial ply with laminate, or teak veneer on both sides of the door with 3 mm thickness as required by the client.

Steel Fire Rated Door

A steel fire-rated door is filled with a fire-resistant material such as Rockwool and is sealed all around the frame with an intumescent seal, which expands when it comes into contact with fire to hold it back and prevent it from spreading. When the door opens to a stairway or is a fire escape door, it is frequently provided with a door closer to help keep the door shut.

Wooden Fire Rated Cum Acoustic Door

Acoustic seals reduce the air space between the doors, creating a barrier to the sound waves that travel across the door. The gaps left on all sides of the doors for movement should be sealed with a drop-down seal at the bottom of the shutter, whereas the hinge gap can be addressed with a perimeter seal around the perimeter of the frame. Double leaf doors should have an astragal seal. Acoustic seal, LORIENT seal, and Enviro seal of standard grades between 30 and 35 dB can also be employed to achieve drop-down properties. However, certain additional seals can be installed to improve the higher dB qualities. Acoustic doors can be utilised in multiplexes.

Steel Glazed Fire Door

Fire-rated glazed partitions and doors are made of pressed steel framework sections with a possibility for installing fire-rated glass using a suitably removable retainer portion or beading. Except for storage facilities, glazed fire-rated barriers and doors are employed in almost every building. They are utilised in building entry areas, security zones, division partitions in hospitals, hotel lobbies, restaurants, offices, personal cabins, commercial and public locations of contact at airports, metro trains, railways, malls, and so on.

UL Fire Door

Underwriters Laboratories is a security consulting and certification organisation based in the United States. Among other things, the business certifies fire doors with a UL designation. Although UL certification is obtained voluntarily, it is a requirement in many foreign markets in Asia, Africa, and America since it is a well-known quality mark. We manufacture UL-listed doors with a 120-minute resistance rating.

Wooden Lead-Lined Door

Wood lead-lined doors include internal layers of Hardwood Mirandi/Teakwood of the nominal section in 120mm 70mm with 2mm sandwiched lead sheet (+- 1 per cent) that offers 99 per cent purity. Furthermore, the doors operate as a shield with their shutter thickness on both sides of the door and the board with a commercial play will have a thickness of 43mm, adding a laminate shutter thickness will result in a thickness of 45mm. Furthermore, lead glasses can be fitted to add vision panels to the doors.

Steel Lead Lined Door

Steel Lead Lined Doors have a steel frame profile design with NSL 100 50. The frames are made of 1.2 mm galvanised steel with a 44mm shutter thickness. Additionally, the shutter can be filled with honeycomb or mineral wool, as well as a 2mm lead sheet. Furthermore, the shutter is made of 1mm galvanised steel. We manufacture 200mm x 300mm single-glazed lead glass to order ( 6mm x 2mm ).
Installing fire-rated doors is the best approach to improve fire measures for your house. Keep in mind that fire-rated doors are an important aspect of the safety and aesthetics of your building. Furthermore, having installed the proper fire-rated door will allow you to endure raging flames for as long as feasible.

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