Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

In modern-day buildings and commercial apartments, both active and passive fire protection systems are necessary as mandated by various local governments. Passive fire protection aims to keep the temperature of the building low so that people can escape, as well as minimize the damage to life and property. In India, NAVAIR is the premier company that produces passive fire protection systems. Located in Haryana, NAVAIR has made its name in the niche field of producers of passive fire protection systems. They have prestigious clientele including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more. NAVAIR also has a reputable customer base in international countries like Qatar, UAE, and Bangladesh.


Looking for safety doors to insulate your home or property? Well, look no further because NAVAIR produces IFC certified fire doors, flush doors, and room partitions. Fire doors have various types, including wooden fire doors, steel fire doors, and glazed fire doors. These doors are self-closing and have a positive latching too. NAVAIR has put its fire doors through a rigorous testing system which includes temperature rise checks, fire endurance tests, and smoke and draft tests. Rest assured that you will get the best quality of fire doors when buying from NAVAIR. A fire curtain consists of a robust piece of fabric that is fire resistant which is lowered when a fire or smoke alarm rings. Fire curtains are especially useful in an area where fire doors cannot be used – like in an open-concept office and home space. Depending on the type of space and your requirements, you can choose from automated fire curtains or gravity fall safe fire curtains. Production of commercial or domestic fire curtains can easily be found with NAVAIR. They will guarantee that you have a satisfactory experience with them and they provide a fire curtain installation as well!


Fire retardant paint is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to protecting your property against fire damage without changing its properties. NAVAIR has its fire retardant paint – Viper, which is tested at CBRI test house. With rapid technological and architectural changes, builders are focusing on replacing heavy construction materials with light ones. Fire retardant paint can be easily used on these lightweight materials. Depending on the type of material you have, you can choose from a variety of fire retardant paint. Concealed woodwork, exposed woodwork, and decorative fire retardant paints are available at NAVAIR.


Surpassing expectations and staying true to Core Company’s value, NAVAIR having professional team that work diligently to supply best possible quality of fire doors, fire retardant paint, and fire curtains. To achieve superior goals, NAVAIR has laid its foundation and fulfills client’s needs and demand with the help of state-of-the-art facilities and a strong conviction to deliver consistent passive fire protection systems. After all, it is not only business but a matter of safety for human life and property for NAVAIR.

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