Fire safety tips for manufacturing plants

Fire safety tips for manufacturing plants

Any workplace needs to be well versed with fire fighting equipment in case a fire breaks out on the premises. This is essential so that the workers can minimise the damage dealt to the premises while saving lives. Just like the healthcare industry, a fire can very easily break out in a manufacturing plant. About 65% of all the fires that break out in the fields of agriculture, defense, and other environments, the maximum proportion is seen in the manufacturing plants. Not only are the manufacturing plants at a high risk for a fire to break out, but the damage of the fire is also huge.

The manufacturing plant’s first defense against a fire is having a solid fire defense system in place. From fire detection, smoke control, and suppression, a manufacturing plant absolutely needs all of these methods in place. More than having these systems in place, it needs to be regularly checked by a professional, at least once a month. Again, your fire detection and suppression system is your first and best defense against industrial and manufacturing fires. If it’s not well-maintained, you’re putting your people and your profits at risk. One of the most common causes of a fire breaking out is due to the use of heavy machinery. Many of these fires can be prevented with the implementation of special hazard fire protection systems put in place to contain these mechanical fires.

While prevention is the best cure, a manufacturing plant needs to have other contingency plans in place. In case a fire breaks out, it is crucial that all the employees know how to safely exit the plant. So, having an evacuation plan in place is a good idea in order to minimize damages and save lives. An evacuation plan needs to be detailed and practiced at least once a month. This plan needs to be comprehensive and easy to understand, while giving each employee a detailed explanation on how to safely and calmly evacuate the facility. Go the extra mile for your employees, as facilities should take extra care to ensure employees have adequate fire prevention and response training.

With the right tools, techniques, and training, manufacturing facilities can easily be prevented. If they cannot be prevented, then having a contingency plan in place will make the workplace for the employees much more safe.

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