Fire Safety Advice For Christmas Decorations

Fire Safety Advice For Christmas Decorations

The holiday season is known for being a time when people feel their happiest and most enthusiastic. Is there anything more relaxing than wrapping up in a blanket with holiday decorations, candles, and fairy lights twinkling all around? Unfortunately, the abundance of electrical equipment used during the holidays raises the likelihood of an accident.

The main causes of fire each year are defective appliances, misuse of tools and appliances, and putting things too close to the heat. While the attention is on creating a festive atmosphere, it’s simple to make these errors. Although it is important to have a fun and memorable Christmas, everyone should be extra cautious not to let the season become dangerous. Being cautious is the way forward which will not interfere with your holiday celebrations.

To help you avoid any fire risks during the festive season, Navair International Pvt. Ltd included some simple Christmas safety advice through this article –

Decorate Your Home Wisely
The highlights of Christmas are cooking, lighting and decorations. These are all Christmas traditions that you are not expected to abandon. However, there are a few easy precautions you should take to reduce the risk of associated fires. Christmas-themed hangings like garlands, tinsel, lights, and other decorations are ideal for decorating. However, if you place them in an unsafe manner, they could all start a fire and provide additional kindling.
You should be careful where you place everything. Avoid putting up decorations close to heaters, radiators and fireplaces. Your garland may appear to be well above the fireplace, but it could fall or an ember could latch onto it, posing a fire safety risk. When decorating above or around these areas, choose ornaments that will not easily catch fire as well as paint walls with fire retardant paints and install fire proof doors for safety.
You should also keep decorations to a minimum in the kitchen. Cooking around the holidays is a wonderful experience when you put on your apron. However, keep decorations away from hot surfaces while cooking or baking.

Examine the Lighting Condition
Using the same lights every year? You may not notice that the wires are old and fraying, which could lead to a fire. This is especially true if you have to forcefully untangle them every Christmas to put around your flush doors – pulling and twisting putting a strain on the components, potentially causing them to fail.

Be Cautious with Candles
You probably already know to be cautious with candles, but it is especially important to be careful with fire around Christmas. A blanket or a stray piece of tinsel could easily catch the tip of a candle flame. Placing decorations and candles in line with your main door along with decorations can be hazardous. However, installing a fire proof door like a wooden fire door or a steel fire door can provide safety for a Joyful Christmas.

Choose an Appropriate Tree
Everyone adores a real Christmas tree. The authentic pine scent fills the space with festive feelings. However, a dried-out, old Christmas tree can be a real fire safety risk, so be careful when choosing and maintaining an old tree.

Turn Off And Unplug All Electrical Appliances
The desire to return to a festive home tempts you to leave the lights on all day or not notice the oven while baking, but you must resist. It’s not a good practice to leave electronics or Christmas lights on while you’re at work, in a different space in the house or in bed. You run the risk of being absent when a problem arises in addition to running up your electricity bill.

To ensure complete safety, turn off all electronics at wall sockets, not just on the extension lead if you use one. Some appliances continue to use power from the outlet even when they are switched off.

Conclusively, don’t be afraid to have fun! There is no excuse for your Christmas not to be fire-proof as long as you exercise caution during the holidays. Safety precautions do not have to ruin a holiday by being taken too far, as you may feel they sometimes are. Some precautions will provide you with peace of mind and a memorable Christmas for all the right reasons.

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