5 Crucial fire door checks

5 Crucial fire door checks

Fire doors play a crucial role when a fire breaks out on any premise. They protect lives from being lost, prevent extensive property damage, and allow inhabitants to evacuate safely during a fire till firefighters arrive on the scene. They provide a means of escape while also containing the fire in one place. A well-designed fire door will be able to stop the spread of smoke without hindering the movement of people and goods.

The first check that is needed for a fire door is having a proper intumescence tube in place. This is a sealing substance that expands when it is in a fire. Such an expansion simply seals the door in order to hold the door in position while preventing the fire from reaching other areas. The gap between the door and the frame must not exceed 3 mm, otherwise the door will be rendered useless.

Secondly, fire doors should be kept closed at all times, and if they are open, they need to automatically close during a fire. The fire door cannot be wedged open, and if there is any latch or seal being formed when the door is closing, get it checked out by a professional immediately.

Thirdly, the fire door should have three hinges. These hinges need to be of the correct type and need to be fire-rated as well. These hinges play a crucial role as it keeps the fire door closed and not break away in case of a fire. These hinges need to be brand new and no signs of wear and tear are to be observed. If they are old or rusty, replace them immediately.

Fourthly, intumescent seals have an important role to play apart from keeping the door in position. This seal helps hold the glass in place during a fire, thereby maintaining its position. If a seal is not used, the glass will undoubtedly collapse and the fire will spread.

Lastly, “fire door keep shut” signs should be visible from both sides of the door.

Fire doors play a crucial role in protecting loss of life and property. In order to prevent damage to the property and save lives, it is imperative that all these checks are in place.

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