The top fire door maintenance tips

The top fire door maintenance tips

Having properly installed and accredited fire doors in a commercial, corporate, or residential property can make a ton of difference in case a fire breaks out. A fire door is essential to any place as it can save lives and minismise the damage of property as well. At the same time, a fire door can stave off the fire for a short time period until the firefighting authorities arrive on the scene. It is extremely crucial that your fire door is in prime condition and that there are no loopholes in its installation so that it can be perfectly used in times of crisis.

One of the most common ways to ensure that your fire door is up to code is to have two annual checkings done by a professional. This means that after every six months, a professional needs to check your fire doors to ensure that they meet the standards. However, that is the rule of thumb in cases where places are not frequently used like the warehouse or the godown. In residential and commercial buildings, the fire doors need to be checked more frequently to gauge if they close automatically or if they have the intumescence tube intact. This depends on the foot traffic of the particular area – but if it is frequently used, the fire door may need to be checked as frequently as once a week.

A fire door check cannot be done by a layman. In order to make the checking foolproof, this task needs to be undertaken by a professional as checking the fire door for defects is an extremely tedious and comprehensive job. Not only the fire door but surrounding parts to this like the fire door set and its assembly. One of the most common ways to check your fire door is the gap between the frame and the door is less than 3 mm, the intumescence tube is unbroken, and the appropriate signage is put into place. These are just a few of the things that need to be kept in mind while checking the fire door. Not thoroughly checking the door can lead to a loss of life or in extreme cases, it can also involve legal action.

In case your fire door has been damaged, it is wise to get it repaired as soon as possible. However, it is vital to keep in mind that all the parts to the fire door must be compatible with each other. If the parts are not compatible with the fire door and are not fire rated, it means that the fire door will not be able to function optimally. A handy fire certification data sheet can help you navigate the parts that can be compatible with your fire door. But in such cases, it is best to check with the fire door manufacturer in order to be foolproof about the door.

Fire doors are a modern necessity that makes things easier to handle and maintain in large spaces. It is better safe than to be sorry, so check with your fire door manufacturer today in order to keep everything up to code.

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