Wooden Lead Lined Door

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Detail Description

  • Frame Manufactured out of Hardwood Mirandi / Teakwood of nominal section 120mm x 70mm with 2mm sandwiched Lead Sheet
  • 2mm ( +–1%) Lead sheet with 99% purity
  • Total Door Shutter thickness with Commercial Ply on both side & Board will have 43mm thickness (with additional laminate shutter thickness will be 45mm)
  • Vision Panel if required shall be of lead glass only


Recommended Hardware

Frame & Shutter

    • Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Hinges – Size 100 x 89 x 3mm
    • Door Closer – Heavy duty only for 80 kg weight capacity
    • Door coordinator recommended
    • Exposed Tower bolt
    • Mortise Sash Lock with half cylinder, estucheon, lever handle – Complete Set for Push / Pull operation
    • Mortise Dead Lock Set with Half Cylinder and estucheon – Complete Set with D Shape Pull Handle pull side & push plate SS 304 Grade on push side

Optional Hardware

Frame & Shutter

    • Automatic DROP DOWN DOOR BOTTOM Non Mortised / Surface Mounted
    • Optional Lead Lined door sill to cover the gap between finished floor and door shutter
    • Lead Lined architrave to be used if required.

Recommended Finishes


    • 1.1 Primer and Paint finish
    • 1.2 Teakwood: Polish finish

    Door Shutter:

      • 2.1 One side laminate /veneer
      • 2.2 Both Sides Laminate / Veneer

      *NOTE: Due to continuos up gradation, spec may vary time to time as per consultation of enduser.

Wooden Lead Lined Door
1 Door Type Wooden Lead Lined Door
2 Criteria Nuclear / Radiation Protected
3 Rating 90% Blockage of Radiation
4 Shutter Thickness 43 mm to 45mm
5 Testing Standards AERB / DRS
6 Application Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

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