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Viper – Fire Retardant Paint:


  • FIRERETAR FR 881 FR Paint for Concealed woodwork
  • FIRERETAR FR 881 (CLEAR)- FR Decorative Clear coating for woodwork
  • FIREGUARD FR 880 Fire retardant Primer for Exposed woodwork
  • FIRESHIELD FRS 881-FR Finishing Decorative Paint for woodwork
  • FIRE & CORROSION RESISTANT PAINT-FR 1102 FR Decorative Paint for Steelwork such as Electric Panel Boards

For Retardent Paint – Our fire retardent paints are tested at NAL approved test house, CBRI Roorkee earlier as per BS 476 part 6 & 7, IS:12777 for its class- I surface spread of flame.

FR 1102 – Total at NABL approved test House.

Brief Description of Products

  1. Flame Proof Enamel Paint (For Concealed Wood Work)
  • FIRERETAR FR-881 – Concealed wood work like frame work above false ceiling, unexposed portion of partitioning, paneling etc.

2. Flame Proof Enamel Paint (For Exposed Wood Work)

  • FIREGUARD FR 880 WOOD PRIMERReplaces conventional Enamel paint at very nominal extra cost

3. Fireretar FR-881 clear (For Exposed Wood Work)

  • Fireretar FR-881 (Clear) is a single pack, ready to use, intumescent Coating which effectively retards the spread of fire along the surface of wood, reduces flue gases density and flue gas temperature, protect real values and reduces the risk of damages. Provides, smooth and transparent decorative polish finish.

4. Fire & Corrosion Resistant Paint FR-1102 (For Steel Work)

  • “VIPER” FR-1102 is a rubber based air drying fire retardant paint with excellent acid/alkali resistant properties.

Color Off White Off White Radiant white and  Off White* Transparent White and  Off White*
Viscosity (Ford Cup 4) at 30deg.c.
60 +/- 10 Sec. 80 +/- 10 Sec. 60 +/- 10 Sec. 80 +/- 10 Sec. 60 +/- 10 Sec.
Wt/Ltr. 1200 +/-50gms. 1200 +/-50gms. 1100 +/-50gms. 1000 +/-50gms. 1100 +/-50gms.
Finish Matt Matt Semi glossy/Glossy Smooth & transparent Smooth & semi glossy
Drying Time 2-3 hours 2-3 hours 3-4 hours 3-4 hours 3-4 hours
Touch Dry Hard Dry
24 hours 12 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours
Thinner Recoating Interval None Overnight WP-914 Overnight WP-914  Overnight WP-913  Overnight WP-913  Overnight
Spreading Capacity (IS:101)
8-9 sq.m/lit/coat 9-11 sq.m/lit/coat 9-10 sq.m/lit/coat 8-9 sq.m/lit/coat 8-9 sq.m/lit/coat
Wet Opacity (IS:101)
5-6 sq.m/lit/coat 8-9  sq.m/lit/coat 6-7  sq.m/lit/coat N.A 6-7  sq.m/lit/coat
Flexibility And Adhesion (IS:101)
Confirms Confirms Confirms Confirms Confirms
Water Resistant Test (IS:101)
Confirms Confirms Confirms Confirms Confirms
Resistance to Lubricating oil (IS:101)
Confirms Confirms Confirms Confirms Confirms
Flash Point Above 30˚ C Above 30˚ C Above 30˚ C Above 28˚ C Above 30˚ C
Packing 4 Lit & 20 Lit 4 Lit & 20 Lit 4 Lit & 20 Lit 4 Lit & 20 Lit 20 Lit
Shelf Life One Year One Year One Year One Year One Year
  • Shades on request
  • specification subject to change / revision

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